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About Adrian

I grew up in Portland, OR and earned my Bachelors and Masters of Music degrees in Operatic Performance at the University of Southern California. Since graduating, I have enjoyed a busy performance schedule across the country, but felt my innate curiosity and joy for working with technology was being neglected. To fill in the gaps in my performance schedule, I had driven for Uber/Lyft, became a licensed tax preparer, and even a fish monger...but ever since my youth I had always been mesmerized by the animations and graphics I saw on websites and knew that I would feel sad if I had never gotten the opportunity to learn how those work and to make them happen myself.

I thought that pursuing a course of study rooted in web development would offer me the well-roundedness I sought. Enrolling in Thinkful's full-stack web development course has proven to be one of the more fulfilling, joyful, and engaging choices I have made and I look forward to where my work in web development will take me!

Feel free to peruse my performance website here to learn more about my operatic career!

Recent Projects


Learn about videogames, their respective franchises, and track their critical reception!
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In a world of superhero mashups, the bookworm will help you find all their original teamup stories in print with just the mere search of a comic-book character's name. Fear not, true believers!
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So many cats to adopt, hooman. But will your personality type jive best with the cat you seek? Use GDC to discover more about yourself and which furry friend will suit you best!
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NOC Voice Studio

My voice teacher, Nancy Olson-Chatalas, asked me to create an entirely new site for her studio, and I was more than happy to help!
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